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Airport Surprise

In recent years, the baggage restrictions of all air carriers have been revised and considerably tightened.  Imagine arriving at the terminal for your flight home and you are told you must pay an extra $90 because your luggage is overweight.  This is not an uncommon event.  It happens to people on almost every flight.  Most airlines are strictly enforcing their limits and charging heavy fees for overweight and oversized luggage. The limits and penalties vary between carriers.  Your air ticket information describes the luggage you are allowed to travel with. 

The examples below were taken from two websites

Discount Carrier

Carry-On:   One piece dimensions 23cm x 33cm x 46cm (9x13x20 inches). Limit 10kg (22lbs)

Checked Luggage: One piece overall dimensions (length + width + height) of 158cm (62 inches).

Weight:  Total allowable Checked and Carry-on combined  20kg (44lbs)

Penalty:  $5.00 U.S. per kg


Major Carrier

Carry-On: one “standard article” 23cm x 40cm x 55cm (9x16x22 inches) and one “personal article” 16cm x 33cm x 43cm (6x13x17 inches) Limit 10kg (22lbs). 

Checked Luggage: Maximum 2 pieces, overall dimensions of each (length + width + height) of 158cm (62 inches).  The total weight of your checked luggage must not exceed 23kg (50lbs).  Luggage over 32kgs (70lbs) will not be accepted 

Penalty:  oversized $30.00 U.S., overweight $30.00 U.S., oversized and overweight $60.00 U.S.  Extra piece of checked luggage within size and weight restriction $90.00 U.S..

Before you pack to leave, remember, you may want to bring some souvenirs home.  A bag of grapefruit may cost you an additional $30U.S on the return flight.

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